What types of service do we provide?

Hildebrandt Homes provides 24 hr supervision and care 365 days per year to meet the needs of our residents.

What types of individuals do you serve?

Hildebrandt Homes specializes in working with individuals with high behavioral needs, along with physical and mental disabilities.

How can I access the services of Hildebrandt Homes for my child / loved one?

All individuals interested in accessing Hildebrandt Homes’ services must contact Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). To learn more about CLBC, visit their website at http://www.communitylivingbc.ca.

How can I obtain employment with Hildebrandt Homes?

Please read our Hiring Requirements to determine if a job with Hildebrandt Homes is right for you. If you meet all of the requirements, please fill out the application form online or as a download.

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