Our Services

Hildebrandt Homes provides our residents with 24hr care, 365 days a year.

Vision Statement

Hildebrandt Homes will be a leader in the development of resource management and supports for people with Developmental Disabilities.

Our Mission:

HH will assist individuals in our services through innovated programs and supported residential environments to:

Be empowered to live their lives by respecting their choices and promoting self determination
Learn, develop and grow to their full potential and highest attainable level of independence
Be a part of a circle of support which includes friends, family and advocates
Advocate, by raising community awareness, for individuals with disabilities

Our Values:

1. Community Inclusion
Our services support the inclusion of Adults with developmental disabilities in the community and ensure that their unique needs are met. People will have the same lifestyles and age appropriate services enjoyed by all. We will advocate as necessary to ensure genuinely available, accessible, inclusive services on behalf of individuals.

2. Empowerment
We will see in those we support their capacity and competence before limitation; therefore, we will seek to expand their choices and opportunities, and to provide meaningful information to the best of our abilities. In all that we do we will promote choice, informed decision-making, and personal empowerment.
We will up hold the right of those we support to make everyday choices and major life decisions, while providing for personal safety and security. Where adaptations are required to enable a person to communicate or to make choices, assistance is provided.

3. Lifelong Learning
People will have access to the same inclusive education and age appropriate learning opportunities that are available to all citizens.
Our employee evaluative processes will be just and fair. We will encourage employees in their professional development and the promotion off lifelong learning.

4. Stewardship / Fiscal Responsibility / Accountability
HH provides it’s services through public funds. It is essential that we are accountable to the public, to the Ministries with which we are contracted and to the individuals and families to whom we provide services. We fulfill our mission by combining sound fiscal management with the highest quality of services. We will respectfully maintain, preserve, enhance, and enrich the property, assets, and made available to us for the performance of our duties and commitments.

5. Advocacy
Advocacy comes in many forms. We will make sure those we support have a voice. We will promote self advocacy. We will further the interests of those we support within the organization, the community, the province, and the nation.
We will enable those we support to lead meaningful lives as full citizens of their community. This includes helping them to achieve their right to belong, to be valued to participate, and to make meaningful contributions.

6. Quality
Our services will be characterized by excellence. We will provide individual person-centered services. We will encourage and support the professional development of our employees so they can know, use, and advance best practices. We will provide services that are flexible, innovative, and responsive to change; inspired by vision and leadership.

7. Collaboration
While first recognizing the individual as a self-advocate, an individual’s family or alternate personal support will be the key collaborative resource and support in all service planning. Services will be provided in a manner which encourages open communication and information sharing. The value of family relationships will be respected with the view of the family as a prominent and natural advocate. Alternate personal support will be encouraged. We will honour the important role of advocates and friends of those we support.
We will work in consultation with other service providers, organizations, and caregivers in a spirit of mutual and collegial respect. We will invite their feedback and contribution; even as we offer our own. Our influence will be a positive one, characterized by cooperation and encouragement.

8. Safety / Wellness
We will take reasonable measures to protect the health, safety, and emotional well-being of those we support; at the same time, we will recognize their right to take measured age-appropriate risks, and to make mistakes. We affirm the right of all individuals in our services to achieve their highest level of well being in mind, body and spirit. We are committed to providing the environment that encourages and supports the components of wellness, physical, emotion, spiritual, social, intellectual and community.

We will promote safe and healthy working conditions.

9. Integrity
We will treat all persons with whom we are interacting with dignity and respect. We will be honest, straightforward and genuine in all our dealings with people. We will be sensitive to diversity and difference. We will resolve interpersonal conflicts in a timely and respectful manner. We will promote positive working relationships and a spirit of collegiality.

I0. Accessibility
HH must be accessible to all persons who use and interact, or who may potentially use and interact, with our services. Accessibility issues for persons served, personnel and other stakeholders, will be addressed in a timely manner.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to ensuring that our services are accessible to all who may require them, or who may need to interact with us. We conduct yearly accessibility assessments of all sites used by HH.

Access includes, but is not limited to the following:
– Physical environment. All properties maintained or used by HH will be accessible for those who need them to be.
– Communication/Language. HH will endeavor to provide clear, accurate, and understandable information to those who require it. This includes providing information in plain language for those who request it and where possible, to provide important information in the first language of those employed (i.e. through written translations or the use of interpreters).

We welcome feedback from all stakeholders with respect to our ability to be visible and accessibility to the communities with whom we interact, and within which we operate. Hildebrandt Homes will endeavor to provide whatever is necessary to assist meaningful access to our services.

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