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Hildebrandt Homes is a privately-run, CARF-accredited organization which has provided quality residential care for over 20 years. We currently operate four residential homes which provide care for adult individuals with developmental disabilities. Each home is operated and staffed to provide a uniquely individualized setting. Hildebrandt Homes specializes in working with individuals with high behavioral needs.


We will see in those we support their capacity and competence before limitation; therefore, we will seek to expand their choices and opportunities, and to provide meaningful information to the best of our abilities. In all that we do we will promote choice, informed decision-making, and personal empowerment.
We will uphold the right of those we support to make everyday choices and major life decisions, while providing for personal safety and security. Where adaptations are required to enable a person to communicate or to make choices, assistance is provided.


Our services support the inclusion of Adults with developmental disabilities in the community and ensure that their unique needs are met. People will have the same lifestyles and age appropriate services enjoyed by all. We will advocate as necessary to ensure genuinely available, accessible, inclusive services on behalf of individuals.


HH must be accessible to all persons who use and interact, or who may potentially use and interact, with our services. Accessibility issues for persons served, personnel and other stakeholders, will be addressed in a timely manner.

Our Vision

Hildebrandt Homes will be a leader in the development of resource management and supports

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Our Mission

Hildebrandt Homes will assist individuals in our services through innovated programs and supported

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Our Values

Our services support the inclusion of Adults with developmental disabilities in the community

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Our Commitment

We are committed to ensuring that our services are accessible to all who may require them, or who may

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If interested in employment with Hildebrandt Homes, please submit an application. Applicants must be a Canadian Citizen or have appropriate working papers.

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